Why Pivotal Moments: Challenges to Change

When we consider making a significant life change, we may come up against thoughts and beliefs that make us feel uncomfortable. Look to see if any of these apply.  

  • Deciding whether the need to change is a call from within or a response to an external circumstance.

  • Feeling forced to change when you don’t want to.

  • Confronting the truth of how you really feel.

  • Facing your negative self-judgments and fears. Conversely, fearing judgment of others.

  • Challenging your perceptions about making a change.

  • Letting go of familiar ways of thinking and behaving that no longer serve you.

  • Allowing yourself to make a change that you know if in your best interest.

  • Having limited control over the pace, intensity, or nature of the circumstance.

  • Keeping up the discipline and focus to let change to happen.

  • Seeking and allowing yourself to have needed support.

  • Managing your internal dialogue in the context of the change you need to make.

  • Worrying whether or not a change will be supported by others. Wanting change but also wanting things to remain the same.




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