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Happy New Year

On the subject of happiness, did you know that US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy believes that happiness is a perspective, and that everyone can create it for themselves? He advocates that our happiness depends on our ability to create personal fulfillment, purpose, connectedness, and love. How could he have known that the concept behind Pivotal Moments was created out of the same beliefs?

We know that sometimes it is difficult to consider change even if it could create happiness because we worry that it will make us feel unsettled. The tension is that while we resist change, we long for it at the same time. What we often think what we want is the status quo…only better.

If we truly want to make a change and transition from desire to implementation, we need an opportunity to enter the unknown to re-appraise what matters, consider how we think and behave, and draw upon our strengths.

Pivotal Moments is designed to encourage people to consider a plan to implement change.

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