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Abby and Jeffrey are committed to helping people navigate the complex nature of change.
Jeffrey A. Steiger
Jeff is a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in NYC and Westchester. He works with individuals, couples and groups. Jeffrey's passion for self- transformation, combined with his empathic nature and experience as a therapist, allows him to connect deeply to others. He is  certified in crisis intervention in corporate  settings      
For more information about Jeffrey see: or contact  him 
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Abby Rosmarin
Esq., LMHC
Abby works with individuals, families, and groups. An attorney and a NYS licensed mental health counselor with extensive corporate experience, Abby helps people gain insight, clarity and a commitment to change.
For more information about Abby see: or contact her:
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Abby and Jeffrey originally met doing their work in the area of Collaborative divorce. They have each worked for many years encouraging people towards a deeper level of self-inquiry and direction, providing support and counseling. They discovered as their relationship as colleagues unfolded that they share a similar focus: to help people understand and embrace their own complexity and draw on personal strengths.
They are also experienced in facilitating groups as well as leading programs both privately and in corporate settings. Both appreciate that change is not simple. In its midst, many people may have no choice but to simply react and adjust.  While there may be a desire to find a way to use new circumstances as a catalyst to growth, it may be particularly hard when the change is sudden and significant.  People need help sorting through the complexity of the experience so they can consciously choose what makes sense.
Abby and Jeffrey know how to guide people through the terrain of personal transformation.
We all want to live lives that have meaning and purpose. PIVOTAL MOMENTS is designed to help people make choices for greater fulfillment and joy.
"I have worked with Abby and Jeffrey individually and taken the Pivotal Moments 6 week series. My individual work with them was profound. They quickly go to the heart of things! While my recent divorce forced me  to reexamine my life, I discovered that my challenges with change have been life long. Abby and Jeffrey are keen observers. Their warmth, their obvious skills along with their methodology allowed me to discover some insights about myself that I have been struggling to figure out."
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