I recently saw a performance at the Public Theater about Joan D' Arc. (Written by David Byrne of Talking Heads). It got me thinking about her passion, her purpose for living, her r...

When we consider making a significant life change, we may come up against thoughts and beliefs that make us feel uncomfortable. Look to see if any of these apply.  

  • Deciding wh...

Now. This is your time.

Time.   What is time? It is often thought of as the interval between two events measured in units – perhaps as small as microseconds or mindboggling expansiv...

Change is inevitable and is by its very nature not static. As such, are in a perpetual relationship with it. We can meet the inevitability with a variety of attitudes. For instance...

On the subject of happiness, did you know that US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy believes that happiness is a perspective, and that everyone can create it for themselves? He advocate...

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Change is the only constant

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